Upcoming staycation

My husband, Tyler, and I first started talking about taking a staycation back in June. The end of August seemed so far away – but it’s almost here! Once our vacation days were approved, I proceeded with spreadsheets of projects, supplies, timelines, etc. The Type A in me was in heaven!

We planned on:

  • Re-finishing the deck,
  • Demo-ing the shed,
  • Removing the awning on the patio,
  • Disposing of landscaping stones,
  • Miscellaneous weeding / gardening,
  • Disposing of branches from our storm damaged tree,
  • Tearing out a shower surround, &
  • Power washing everything.

I don’t know if all of this can be done in a week by two newbie homeowners, but I’m optimistic! However, we ran into a bit of a snag. I’m having some sciatic nerve issues, so I may not be able to contribute much to the list above.

I’m already thinking of alternate projects…

  • Continue to forge ahead on my home office,
  • Paint the corner cabinet in our kitchen (pictured below),
  • Paint the mantle,
  • Dust the fans,
  • Change the furnace filter,

…this list could go on and on!


I have plenty of smaller projects to keep me busy – while “taking it easy.” Regardless of progress on the house, it will be an enjoyable time to spend with Tyler and our pup!

What’s your ideal vacation? Or staycation? Do you ever take time off of work for house projects?

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