Thrifty cookout extras

A Marvel movie came out last weekend, so that means we had a cookout! I have been told that my mom is a domestic goddess. In this case, the apple fell FAR from the tree. I have some big shoes to fill and such tiny feet. This cookout was an opportunity for me to make an attempt at “Hostess with the Mostess.”

Hosting events can be EXPENSIVE! The penny-pincher side of me cringes at the cost of things, so I made an attempt to be resourceful and creative with a bit of the spring / summer (When does summer start?) decor.

Based on these photos, you may think that the theme was along the lines of teal and lime, but it was more like Grandma and Goodwill! I was able to spend a whopping $16 ($14.50 on flowers + $1.49 for a “w”) on these few decor details.

  1. A porch planter – formerly a Singer sewing machine…


2. My spring, potentially summer, and perhaps year-round door decor…


3. A snazzy way to make plates and utensils accessible…

I am pretty satisfied with these few touches. They will likely become staple pieces for me and future get-togethers. (Though I was happy to return my K-cup storage bin back to its original position!)

UPDATE: I just found out about a “Thrifty & Vintage Finds” link-up and couldn’t wait to throw this post into the ring! Click on that cute logo below to see others’ posts too!

Dagmar's Home Thrifty and Vintage Finds link party

Have you had any frugal hauls lately? Any upcycles or repurposes? Show & tell!

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