Succulent Saturday

It finally happened! I found faux succulents on sale! Do you ever stalk something you want for however long it takes until the price drops? Me too! I ended up taking two trips to Target – Don’t judge!
With a forecast around 90 degrees for the next few days, I wasn’t sure if Tyler and I would be able to participate in our new weekly tradition of walking to dinner on Friday nights. However, we threw caution to the wind and Chuck Lofton’s words of wisdom out the window! Around 5pm (yes, we eat with the old folk…) we set out from our home to O’Charley’s (one of my faves 🙂 ).

We have also started the tradition of stopping by Target on our way back to pick up some chocolate covered almonds and peruse the aisles for any must-haves (a dangerous combo). A watering can has been on my mind, and I came across this beauty – Best of all, it was on sale!

watering can

I restrained from purchasing on this trip, but I thought about it all night. On my way back from Jazzercise the next morning, I had to stop in and get it! It must have been fate though, because on this trip, I also found a glorious stash of faux succulents ON FREAKING CLEARANCE. I have been seeking faux succulents ever since I instantly killed my terrarium from Amazon.

A #diyfail. My terrarium died so fast! #diy #doityourself #homeimprovement #terrarium

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I put these babies into action as soon as I got home…

I also texted my mom a pic and found out she was in the market too. After a quick convo, I hopped back in the car to scoop up some more! On my third trip to Target in 24 hours, I left with another haul…

succulent haul

My mom is still working with the ones she has as a potential arrangement for my bro. We will see what happens! Here is where everything ended up in my house…





What’s your white whale? Anything you have been seeking to find at a particular price? Or any wins to share?

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