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Ironically enough, I started out in design school in college. I lasted one semester and met one of my besties in the process. Mallory and I had 7:30am classes Mon – Fri that first semester of our freshman year. It was rough. While I felt like I was pulling all-nighters with finger paints, Mal was kicking ass and taking names.

Mallory is an artist. I am constantly in awe of her talent, abilities, and knack for creating things. The first time I attended one of her shows, I was floored. Her pieces are not only perfection, but she also creates environments and experiences like few can.

In the past year, Mallory got married and moved away to live with her husband (Delaware, then Texas, now Mississippi!). We had lived in the same town / city for so long, I took it for granted! Now that we are in different states, we are making more of an effort to stay in touch. During our monthly chat, we cover the usual stuff – work, blogs, family, etc. I shared some house projects I am working on, and she did the same. After the call she sent along some pictures of the art room she just set up. I’m so jelly! Check it out…

mallory's art room mallory's art room mallory's art room

I am pretty sure I actually drooled when I saw that photo wall. I love the wall color too. Mallory is so skilled and talented. The way her work and designs come together – everything seems so effortless! I feel like these pics are out of a magazine! I’ll stop gushing now, with these last words: Get it, girl!


Check out to keep up with her latest masterpieces!

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  1. Mallory says:

    Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful! Thank you for all your kind words! Man, so many memories just came back. Remember when one of our 7:30 design classes was four hours long? That was the worst. You are so talented, too, and I am inspired by you all the time. You are so creative, incredibly thoughtful always, and an awesome person all around. Love your site, and YOU!

    1. jlwillits says:

      Glad you like it! I could go on for days 🙂 Love & miss you!

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