Our Visa Super Bowl commercial apartment

Its a good thing that my then boyfriend, now husband is a fan of talking to strangers. Well, sort of, in this particular instance…

At the time we were living in a super cute apartment in Irvington, Indiana. Tyler, said boyfriend / husband, encountered a stranger in the parking lot as he was leaving for work. This stranger, named Charlie, asked to see our apartment because he was scouting locations for a commercial. Tyler brought Charlie up to see our place, and then left for work. I kept thinking, “Is this how murder mysteries start?” I thought he was casing the joint! Turns out, Charlie was legit. He worked for Imperial Woodpecker, a commercial production company. 

Charlie & co. ended up renting our apartment for a few days. We made some cash and were put up in a hotel so that we were out of the way during filming! The crew moved all of our furniture up to the second floor and furnished the living room and bedroom for characters in the commercial.










Here’s a bit of the outside set-up…




Here’s the commercial. That’s our living room @ 20 seconds in and bedroom @ 40 seconds. The amount of time and effort is pretty crazy for these few seconds of footage! Check it out:

Not only was this cool experience, but we also got to keep some cool (and functional) souvenirs – including a tension pole lamp, dining chairs, and some curtains! AND, Tyler bonded with one of the painters on the crew over comic books of course! He gave Tyler his crew pass from Man of Steel! How cool!?

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