Oh Henry

This isn’t my first time staying at The Henry, and its probably not my last. My work HQ is in the area, so I choose to stay here when I can. Its a Marriott (so I get reward points), and I really like the decor.

The lobby is equipped with rather large chandeliers. Can’t go wrong there!


Some more glitz in the bathroom. Pretty simple, but a nice touch compared to traditional vanity lights.


I even like this desk! Its a bit modern as compared to my usual taste, but I am drawn to the glass top and sleek chrome legs.


Check out that striped carpet too!

The Henry makes me feel like a fancy business woman! (As I type this in yoga pants…) My decor style is usually more shabby than chic, but its nice to pretend a few nights a year!

Where do you stay when you travel? Why?

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