My Cutesy Christmas Garland

A coworker-friend and I have started a crafty group at work. Our first project: Christmas Garland.  A friend had a fabulous idea of using Christmas lights instead of twine. Here’s the breakdown:

Fabric: I got ½ yd of 5 fabrics (all on sale @ Jo-ann Fabric) for a total around $13 (Pro Tip: I also got 20% off of my entire purchase by signing up for text coupons – Text coupon to 56266). Since these are cut/torn into smaller pieces, I looked for colors that would look awesome rather than specific Christmas patterns. You could even make a garland suitable for other holidays, seasons, or all year-round!


Lights: These were on sale @ Meijer for $2.50.

Keep in mind the ratio of length of twine to amount of fabric. I thought a total of 2 ½ yds of fabric was way too much for my 100 light string – but it wasn’t enough! After running out of fabric, I had to go through my garland and thin it out to add pieces to the end in order to finish! I am not aware of a specific length to fabric ratio on this – it would also depend on how close you are keeping your fabric pieces. Trial and error or just having extra/back-up may be your best bet!

1. Once the fabric is acquired, cut/tear into 1″ x 6″ pieces. This can be determined by personal preference, but this size works well.

2. Then, just tie the pieces onto your lights/twine!

Its super easy and goes pretty fast. I started this project on a Wednesday @ lunch and completed it Saturday night while watching one of my fave shows – Rehab Addict. My garland was on display for my Jazzercise Christmas Party the next day!


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