My adventures with a push-pop

I easily get overwhelmed with the infinity of projects that need to be completed around the house. This whole homeownership thing is a never ending process, and moving into a house that hasn’t seen some love in a while makes me feel even more behind. But, what I do have going for me is that I refuse to quit.


Delta Faucet

More strategically speaking, my fiancé and I try to complete a project or two each week/weekend to chip away at this iceberg of home improvement undertakings. Last weekend, we painted the baseboards in the great room and got both cars in the garage – success!

This weekend did not go so well…

Recently, we noticed the tub draining extremely slowly. Knowing the disgusting task that lay before us, we did the most obvious thing and procrastinated for a week or so.

But today was the day! I had my white vinegar and water, a screw driver, and a modified wire hanger. I was ready to go. Feeling fairly confident I jumped right in! I removed the overflow and was able to get a hold of a huge chunk of hair using the hanger. But I knew that couldn’t be it. Next, I had to get the drain stopper out.

That thing would not budge! I Googled it like crazy, but every post and video instructed me to unthread the stopper by twisting it counter-clockwise. I tore my hands up trying to get that thing out! On the verge of frustration tears, I headed to Home Depot.

I returned home with WD-40, some channellock pliers, and Liquid Heat. Honestly, I have no idea if I needed the WD-40, but I threw some on there and gave it a final yank with the pliers. Victory! I was able to remove the stopper and the huge hairball underneath it. I also have no idea if I needed the Liquid Heat, but I dumped it down the drain for good measure.

I can’t wait to take a shower tonight without water chillin around my ankles! Today’s mission has been accomplished. Watch out, linen closet! I”m coming for you tomorrow!

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