March madness

Forgive me when I say this, but we are not a basketball household. The only times we say “March Madness” is when quoting 30 Rock or when referring to my travel schedule in March of this year. I have been in my current position at work for just over a year now and there is a bit of travel required – which I am totally cool with. This year, work and personal travel somehow lined up one right after the other throughout February and March. (Again, not complaining!)

  • February 8 – 11: West Coast
  • February 15 – 19: East Coast
  • March 10 – 15: SXSW
  • March 17 – 20: C2E2
  • March 31 – April 3: Bestie Visit

I am a dork, and when I returned home from SXSW, I was way too excited to get some laundry done before leaving the next day for C2E2. I got three loads through the washer and two through the dryer. I tossed the final load in the dryer and returned to work.

Later that afternoon, I opened the dryer door to find a wet load of laundry! Maybe I didn’t press the Start button? I tried it again… It sounded like it turned on, but I could tell that nothing was happening. I may have considered repairing this dryer, but it was 13+ years old! My mom used it for 10 years. She gave it to us, and we used it for past 3 years. This dryer was on borrowed time, and it was time for a new one! (Not knowing how this would play out, major props to my mom for taking our last load of laundry home to dry! Don’t know what we would do without your help!)

If you recall, just back in August, we replaced our washer. Having done this recently, I was familiar with what to look for (dimensions, functionality, etc). I first tried to get the matching dryer to our new-ish washer. However, it was already not available anymore! HHGregg was super helpful and provided me with the new model number of the replacement via online chat. I checked out the online reviews and was ready to buy.

I was about to purchase from HHGregg (For some reason I like to buy large items online, sight unseen – Is that weird?), but took a quick trip around to my regular sites. I landed on Lowes: $150 off + another 5% off with my Lowes card + FREE shipping + 6% back from Ebates = SOLD. I also bought a new flexible foil duct.

This next part is the real kicker. On the purchase page, Lowes stated that I would be contacted in the next 24 hours to schedule a delivery. I figured it would be some time within the next 5 to 10 days, maybe I would have to pay a bit for a weekend delivery – but, boy, was I wrong!

I woke up the next morning and started packing for our annual road trip to Chicago. Around 11am, there was a knock at the door. IT WAS LOWES DELIVERING OUR WASHER LESS THAN 12 HOURS AFTER I PURCHASED IT ONLINE. I was in complete disbelief.

I envisioned receiving it 6ish days later, the delivery guy leaving it in the living room, then Tyler, my dad, and I wrestling the old dryer out, installing the new one, an lugging the old one to Goodwill. An afternoon of “bonding time.”

But what really happened was way better! It was so convenient it was almost inconvenient! Lowes delivered and and installed the dryer AND took our old one away for just $15! Overall, a great experience. I’m just glad Lowes stopped by during my narrow window of time at home!

Oh ya, and that flexible foil duct? It arrived days after the dryer. Its still waiting by the front door awaiting being returned to the store! 🙂 Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a delivery experience? Share your story here!

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