Laundry Room

We recently bought a house! And holy moly is it a ton of work. Thank goodness that my parents know how to do this stuff, because we have no clue! I’d say its a semi-fixer-upper. The house is in good condition, but its not aesthetically pleasing. Also, the previous owner’s DIY skills left much to be desired.

We started with the laundry room, not only because it was the grossest room in the house, but also didn’t want to install the washer and dryer to have to remove them and re-install later.

My inspiration:

houseofturquoiseHouse of Turquoise

O is for Organize

What we did:

  • Kilz’d the ceiling and walls,
  • Painted the ceiling, walls, and trim,
  • Hung the beadboard,
  • Installed the cabinet, and
  • Installed the washer and dryer

What we used:


Finishing touches are still to come, but this is the first room that we have the most complete. Working on fitting a chandelier in there somehow!

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