Landscaping progress

We have been in our house for almost two years now. Its sort of a “fixer upper.” There are some aspects where the previous owners tried – but DIY was not their forte – and there are other areas (which include landscaping) that haven’t received attention in years.

Last summer we spent s decent chunk of change on having a tree removed, two stumps removed, the house painted, and a new storage shed built. This year is a different story! We are putting some major elbow grease in to making things work, like landscaping stones and rocks…

Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:


I forgot to take a real “before” pic, so these will have to do. This area was basically dirt, leftover mulch, old leaves, and weeds. Cleaning the area up was a breeze, but moving those rocks was an ordeal!

Along the other side of the house, there are some evergreen tree/shrub/things. At one point, there was rock instead of mulch. We decided to repurpose the rock as pictured above. Looks pretty good, ya? In the top pic, you will also notice those scalloped border pieces. IMHO, these are awful! The worst! I shopped around our local home improvement stores, but couldn’t find an attractive and affordable alternative. I decided to just flip them over! (See 2nd photo) I think it looks pretty darn good!

A few things left to do here: plant another hosta, prune the shrubs, and I’m looking for some sort of pot/urn for each side of the garage. We’ll see….

There are still some rocks left for mailbox and tree projects!

P.S. – How cute is my pup!?

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