Kitchen goals

I would first like to acknowledge that since moving in in 2013, we have made a ton of progress on the house, however the kitchen still needs a lot of attention.
We started from the bottom:

And now we’re here:

We are still rocking:

  • The outdated microwave and stove (but they still work!),
  • Parkay stick-on floor tiles (Did that phrase just creep you out like it did me?),
  • The stainless steel sink, which I don’t foresee removing, and
  • The cabinets, which are in good shape.

I have come across a lot of kitchen inspiration online this week. I especially love Rachel’s reveal on Shades of Blue Interiors:

Her kitchen is now so light and bright! I love how the mid-tone wood accents incorporate similar shades in the tile floor. Her white appliances just blend in too. Love it!

The big things left for my kitchen are flooring and cabinets. The flooring decision is for another day, but the cabinets have been on my mind. I really think I want to paint them (and add hardware because I am tired of breaking nails opening cabinet doors!), but have concerns about color selection.

Initially, I thought white was the way to go for me too, but would that work with blue/gray walls and black appliances*? Will the appliances stand out too much? How about gray cabinets? Will gray cabinets make the room too dark?

*I know, I know. Our outdated 90’s microwave and stove are pretty hideous. They will be replaced in due time. (i.e. when the micro no longer waves and the stove no longer does it’s thing…)

What say you about this cabinet color dilemma?

Kitchen Goals


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