K-cup storage solution

A simple Pinterest search shows that there are many cute and effective ways to store K-cups. For the past couple of years, my Keurig* has been sitting atop a very utilitarian drawer…




*This fancy turquoise Keurig is a newer addition to the house. We received a black machine as a wedding gift last year. Unfortunately, it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. But fortunately, I saved the gift receipt, and Kohl’s has a great return policy. I was able to exchange and pay the $6 difference for this newer version.

I made a quick trip through Goodwill before hitting up the grocery store today, and a small metal tub caught my eye. I considered it for my K-cups, but ultimately left without it.

I try not to buy items until I have plan, and I didn’t feel confident enough in that K-cup plan. Halfway through my grocery trip, I saw some lime green spray paint (key lime, to be exact) and was completely inspired! I finished shopping and rushed back to Goodwill. My metal tub was still there!



As soon as I got home, it was time to paint!

I washed the tub, taped the handles, and stepped outside. The Rustoleum spray paint was super easy to use. I proceeded with a few thin layers. It was crazy humid today, so it took the paint a bit longer to dry. Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon project!



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