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Being an avid listener of The Chaise Lounge Podcast, and having a trip to Spain on the line (shout out to Porcelanosa!), I couldn’t help but put this post together! Nick said to be creative, so here we go! This is what my episode would look like…

On this episode of The Chaise Lounge, Nick chats with Jessica Willits, a Midwestern design newbie on her journey to become an interior designer, finding inspiration, and what the future may hold.


  • Getting to know Jess from the Midwest

Originally from Indianapolis, Jess hasn’t ventured far, just 30 minutes up the road to Fishers, IN where she lives with her husband, Tyler, and malti-poo, Harley Quinn. She loves Midwestern life and all of the cliches that come along with it.

If Jess were ashamed of the amount of reality TV she watches, that would definitely be her guilty pleasure. She enjoys spending time in the great room, her favorite room of her home (also where the TV is located). This is where the hang time happens. Jess treasures her time lounging on the couch with friends and family, usually enjoying a Property Brother or two on HGTV. While Jess generally prefers a Diet Pepsi over an adult beverage, she has taken a liking more recently to Pinot Noir.

  • How did Jess get into interior design?

It has been a long time coming! Back in the day when desktop PC games were all the rage, Jess would stay up to 5am playing The Sims, but rather than actually “playing” the game, she would spend hours building her Sims family’s home and furnishing it with the help of the “rosebud;:” cheat code!

This early interest in architecture and decor eventually led Jess to embark on an interior design major at Purdue University years later. Being both creative and analytical, Jess was torn and eventually changed her major to Management and Marketing and has worked in the field ever since. While successful she felt something was missing and questions that decision all of the time.

Three years ago, Jess and her husband, Tyler, bought their first house. Her passion for design re-emerged in a big way! Jess dove in head first with starting a design and DIY blog and taking on projects every weekend – with the help of her husband, of course, and even her parents showing her the ropes!


  • What does Jess’s business look like today?

Well, that’s easy. Her business doesn’t exist… yet! Jess has put the wheels in motion to become an accredited interior designer and is enjoying the journey to get there. In the meantime she is binging on anything design related, including The Chaise Lounge Podcast! She was hooked after hearing Tyler Lynch chat about his experience and how he found his space within the industry.

She is also currently enjoying Emily Henderson’s Styled, which has helped her define her own style – Rustic Traditional with a touch of Industrial.

  • Finding inspiration

Jess said that she finds inspiration everywhere, which she likes to document via her Instagram account. More specifically, she regularly checks out Young House Love Has a Podcast, Chris Loves Julia Podcast, anything on HGTV (especially Fixer Upper, obvi), her part-time job at a design firm and retail shop, and she is getting into Pinterest more and more. In addition, Jess is inspired by strong, independent women, namely Beyonce, her hero. She also can’t wait to read In the Company of Women.

  • What’s next?

Now, the rubber hits the road. In January, Jess will continue to expand her education with starting a Design Technology program. These technical skills with take her to the next level in her understanding of taking on a project as well as executing the space planning and rendering aspects.

She’s all-in and would love to take part in a trip to Spain with Porcelanosa and Nick May of The Chaise Lounge Podcast. While she is still a sponge soaking up everything she can, Jess cannot wait to start giving back to the industry. She would love to network on this trip, learn about Porcelanosa, and eventually pay it forward by building upon these new relationships, making connections, and sharing what she has learned.  

  • Wrap up

This post was inspired by Episode 100 of The Chaise Lounge Podcast, where Nick announced a trip to Spain! If you enjoyed this post, I would love your support! Please share it to your social channels with #LetsGoToSpain and mention @NickInTheLounge and @Porcelanosa_EN. Any other thoughts, questions, comments? Holla @ ya girl.

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  1. Mallory says:

    Yes! This! I am SO excited for you girl and your journey, which I know you are going to rock because you are a natural!!!

    1. jlwillits says:

      THANK YOU! 🙂 <3

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