Hot sauce in my bag

SWAG. Sorry… (I ain’t sorry…)

OK, done with Beyonce references (for now). I had a spectacular trip to the grocery store and wanted to share my new-found strategy.

As previously mentioned, I have upped my coupon game. My mom and I attended an Extreme Couponing Workshop, and I walked away with 4 Indy Star subscriptions. This was week 2 of the new strat. I saved $20+ and ended up with so much hot sauce / marinade / dipping sauce! Literally, 8 bottles for $0.52 – How nuts is that!?

So, each Sunday when you get new newspapers, get rid of that worthless “news” part and keep those coups! But rather than spending hours cutting every single coupon, just write the Sunday you received each insert in a big Sharpie on the front and file them away. It takes less than 15 mins.

Then, before you head out to the grocery store check out this site. (I JUST realized that this just isn’t an Indy thing – You can pick your state form the drop down!) From there, you select your store and then the magic happens. This site shows you everything from the store’s ad, depicts whether it is a good deal, and even matches up existing coupons! At that point, you only need to cut out the coupons you know you are going to use that day – BOOM.

Stock up scale:

*** (black) = not a good price
**** (red) = a pretty freaking good deal
EXTREME = rock bottom pricing
FREE = duh, free!

If you can’t tell, I am pretty passionate about penny pinching and using those coupons! Have questions or tips of your own? Holla @ me!


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