Home office progress

A cabinet catastrophe is turning into a work in progress! Things are happening (no thanks to me). I’m dealing with a bit of a health issue (darn you, sciatic nerve!), and my husband, parents, and pup came to the rescue!


I have been traveling a bit this month – driving and flying – and my body did not agree with it. I started to feel some pain in my leg on Monday, and it got progressively worse throughout the week to the point of barely being able to walk! I was only comfortable laying flat on my back. I feel/felt totally and completely useless. To occupy some time, I dove back into knitting and Next Issue.


My husband was able to come home early on Friday to help me out and take care of some grocery shopping over the weekend. And my parents hung out with me Saturday night. My mom pitched in with tackling some laundry in our new washer. And my dad continued to make progress on my home office.



I’m loving this! So much storage! Its going to be an awesome workspace. Can you tell I’m debating a doggie bed in that lower left cabinet?

Our stay-cation is coming up, and with this sciatic issue, I’m not sure how much I will be able to help in demo-ing the shed, re-finishing the deck, and tearing out the shower. I may be inside finishing up my office! 🙂 / 🙁 I’d love to tackle the list of to-do’s we planned on, but when life hands you lemons!

When have your plans completely fallen apart? How did you course correct or cope?

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