Garage sale or Goodwill

You may already have picked up on this from other places on the site, but I am a thrifty up-cycler to the very core. Whenever someone visits our house for the first time, we almost always end up playing a game I like to call “Garage sale or Goodwill.”

It starts by the visitor complimenting or commenting on a piece of furniture or decor. There is usually a short story or anecdote that follows. They may mention another item in our house and then notice a trend in our responses. Almost everything in our home is either: 1. a hand-me-down from family members, 2. from a garage sale, or 3. found at Goodwill. And I love it!

Many of our household items seem like one-of-a-kinds at this point due to being sourced from these thrifty locales. Our couch, sofa table, mirror, and 3 lamps are from Tyler’s mom, Kelly (an interior designer with excellent taste!). The old Victrola in the dining room was my grandmother’s and the corner cabinet in the kitchen was her sister’s. The dresser our TV sits on was $5 at a garage sale…

I haven’t even begun to cover the bedrooms and smaller¬†tchotchkes around the house, but I think you get the point. I love our hand-me-down house and wouldn’t have it any other way!

What items in your home have a history? Any heirlooms you are particularly fond of?

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