Finding my focus

I’ve “had a blog” for at least 4 years – bouncing around from topic to topic with no consistency in publishing frequency. I started with more of a fashion or beauty focus, then moved on to talking about my favorite TV shows. With both of these areas of interest, I felt like I was forcing ideas. It didn’t feel genuine. That being said, I think I have now found my real blogging focus. With home improvement and DIY projects, I can flex my creative muscle while improving my environment. I love the online-offline connection!

However, just finding my focus isn’t enough. I need to hone my blogging skills and continue to immerse myself in the vast world of home improvement and DIY blogging. One may see the following as too little too late, but I view it as perfect timing – Haven just happened in July! I am so inspired¬†knowing that something like Haven exists and is “a thing.” I’m looking forward to continuing on this blog path with hopes of attending next year!

…Major fail! I started writing this post on August 5th. It’s now the 17th. It didn’t take long for me to fall into old habits. I could make all kinds of excuses about work/travel/life getting in the way, but the fact is that I didn’t make the time to contribute to my site. I need to make a change!


How do you stay focused on your goals? Or make time for blogging? Or prioritize what’s going on in your life?

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