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IMHO, Chip and JoJo can do no wrong. And Season 1, Episode 2 of Fixer Upper is no exception. Its an oldie, but a goodie! I can’t help but watch and re-watch every episode every time on HGTV.

The Gatecrest episode shows quite a transformation. Remember that house with that weird atrium in the center? I think this episode gets me because I’m slowly getting into landscaping and gardening. I’m even considering a small terrarium!

IMG_6911x-500x750 2Magnolia Homes

I also love all of the nooks and crannies there are for tables, shelves, etc to display items on. Either we don’t have spaces for stuff like this or I’m not utilizing space properly – probably a mix of both! Our fireplace mantle is one spot that’s on the project list. I’ll look to this dynamic duo for inspiration when the time comes!

IMG_6884x-500x333 2Magnolia Homes

We do have a couple of items that Chip and JoJo would approve of! How about some burlap and wire baskets? We use these under the church pew for storing blankets. (Or a soft spot for pup to chill!)



Also, my mom found some old windows for sale outside of a neighbor’s house. I finally hung them up in the dining room a few weeks ago. Still working on finishing touches, but that’s always how it goes!


20147830802_8ef0edb2c2_k 2


Who is your favorite designer? Where do you look for inspiration? What styles or designs to you copy in your home?

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