Considerations for an accent wall

This post initially was focused on the master bedroom, but since the new headboard purchase, I’m focusing on an accent wall for Eliza’s room. I moved our old headboard into the guest room, and now it clashes with the wall pretty badly.


As you can tell, I am working with browns and turquoise. I’m a sucker for those trendy geometric patterns – so I am initially drawn to wallpapers like these:


Home Depot


Home Depot

I have also considered a stencil, but don’t think I want to commit the time and effort necessary. Though,¬†how great would it look!? I love this one from Kristen F. Davis Designs:


At this point, the search for the perfect wallpaper is on! And I have a Pinterest board to prove it! I’ve NEVER wallpapered in my life, so it should be interesting – and hopefully fun! Have you tried anything new lately?

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