Cabinet catastrophe

What a weekend! Usually, I’m very prepared and have gathered all needed supplies and materials throughout the week that I will need for my weekend project, but this time was a little different. I needed some sort of cabinet or closet organizer or something to put at the far end of our bedroom. This vagueness was exactly the problem.

Currently, we have our TV mounted on the wall with my “home office” (i.e. desk) underneath.


Here is a rough draft of what we are working with:


The vision is to have cabinet-like storage options on each side, ultimately looking like a built-in unit.


Found by Domestic Bliss


The Domestic Curator

We (pup included!) set out for Home Depot!


After much searching and deliberation, we ended up with:

Upon arriving home and lugging the boxes inside, an oversight became apparent. We planned on cutting the desk down to allow for 25 inches on each side, but we can’t cut the TV down! The plan was foiled by one single inch! We repacked the truck and headed back. Next stop, Menards!

Menards had a great selection of unfinished cabinets – affordable too! At first it seemed like the best option was to get twelve 12 x 30 cabinets (three rows of two on each side of the desk). The only downside was the small storage spaces. So, then I contemplated cutting one side off of each and putting them back together to create a 24 inch wide cabinet with two doors. This could affect the integrity of the cabinet, and I wasn’t too keen on buying brand new cabinets just to cut them up!

My mom came across a “24 x 30 cabinet” with double doors on the front. After getting super geeked up about this and loading 3 cabinets onto the cart, we realized they were in the wrong spot and are actually 30 inches – another fail!

Refusing to give up, we hit the road for Lowes! Lowes had the same options for stock unfinished cabinets, so we moved on and found these:




These are perfect! 23.75″ wide! We spent all day shopping, leaving no time to install. I couldn’t help myself – I just had to assemble one, or two!

These cabinets will be chilling like this for a bit. I have some work travel coming up. We went through quite a process to find these, but thank goodness Lowes came to the rescue! I can’t wait to get these installed and post some pics!

Do you ever have days like this? Where you just can’t seem to get anything finished?

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