Butter dish woes

I grew up in a fridge butter-tub family. My husband grew up in a room-temp butter dish household. For the past few years, he passively acquiesced to my insistence on chilled butter or butter substitute. In the last year, a Good Housekeeping or Real Simple article re-introduced this room-temp idea to me. And the saga begins…

After reading this article, I was determined to give it a shot. This also meant that I was entitled to a cute butter dish. I instantly fell for the lovelies at Anthropologie because in the words of Buzzfeed, “I am a walking, breathing parody of a human being.”

anthropologie butter dish
Anthropologie Butter Dish

What I didn’t love was the price tag. Twenty-six freaking dollars for a butter dish! No can do. I set out for some serious online shopping. After obsessing for an embarrassingly long time, I set my sights on a super cute turquoise-ish deal with a tiny bird on top. For some reason, it was $20+ on Amazon, but World Market pulled through for me! I can handle $6.99, but shipping was five bucks. LAME.

world market butter dish
World Market Butter Dish

After a week or so, I made it into the store (way too emotionally involved) to obtain this birdy butter beauty – I couldn’t find it anywhere! I asked the cashier, who suggested I order it online (UGH) or “just come back on Friday to see if we get it in.” Similar to Dwight Schrute in Season 2, Episode 15 of The Office, I was like, “Gas ain’t free!” I left with no butter dish in hand.

On my next trip to Meijer, I made sure to stop by the kitchen / housewares section. With a limited selection, limited budget, and limited patience, I ended up with a pretty plain, but fully functional butter dish.

meijer butter dish
Meijer Butter Dish

I was content for a while, until a ANOTHER Buzzfeed article just had to mention that darn Anthropologie dish again. I have so much angst. Completely unnecessary angst over $5.99, but angst nonetheless. I was out about the town with my mom today. I started checking out butter dishes again…

This first one was appealing. I like the colors and the knob handle on the top, but didn’t think it was long enough to fit an entire butter stick. Also, with my trip to the Springfield Antique Extravaganza coming up, I didn’t want to make a rash decision.

blue and white butter dish

Then, I came across some less traditional options. These were appealing too, but not sure how I would feel long term (since a freaking butter dish is such a commitment for me).

seahorse butter dish rhino butter dish

After our Home Goods run, we ventured back to my arch-frenemy, World Market. Look what I found…

so many butter dishes

Birdy butter dishes for days! I still refrained from purchasing. Instead, I turned my focus to a spoon rest. And I feel pretty satisfied.

spoon rest

Let’s be real – What simple, ridiculous, and/or unnecessary things have you gotten way too emotionally invested into lately? How did you get past it?

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  1. Mallory says:

    My husband and I are also a butter house divided. Just last year I went through a similar experience and decided I wanted a butter dish. I was lucky enough to find a vintage one at a random antique store in Delaware and I love it! So I really enjoyed reading this, so fun 🙂

    1. jlwillits says:

      I am jealous of your vintage butter dish! I bet it is beautiful! I take a picture whenever I see one – I need to stop torturing myself!

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