Becky with the good air

It’s not everyday (or possibly ever) that you find yourself shopping for a new air conditioner. I found myself in this position just last week, and thankfully it couldn’t have been easier.


When we moved into our house almost three years ago, we knew the air conditioner was old. It’s the O.G. A/C from when the house was built in 1990. Fortunately, a home warranty came with our house for the first year. I renewed it (just to be safe). We ended up using it a couple of times, but it was a NIGHTMARE to work with the company, so I ended up cancelling it after the second year. But then of course, guess what happened in that third year! BOOM. A/C dies.

It was working great (the little that we used it two weeks ago). Husband, pup, and I went out of town for the weekend, so I turned the unit off. We returned that Sunday, turned the A/C back on, but all we were getting was warm air – not cooled at all. I also noticed that the fan on the exterior unit was not spinning. I then dove head first into Youtube videos to troubleshoot…

My guess was that the capacitor was shot. I was right (unfortunately)! But it was also the compressor and motor… Turns out that’s like $1,000ish to fix. OUCH. Rather than dumping cash into a 26 year old unit (when they are meant to last 15-20 years), we decided to consider purchasing a new one. This decision was not made lightly. A/C units are freaking expensive. Thankfully, we had super procrastinated in depositing our tax return check, so that helped some…

Is there a bonus track where Yonce sings about how expensive A/C units are? That would really speak to me. #LEMONADE #BeckyWithTheGoodAir

When researching, there is a lot to consider here too – brand name, size of the unit, efficiency, etc. But the real key – Do you trust who is installing it for you? Can you take their word on what they are advising and recommending for you?


Thanks to my parent’s recommendation, we worked with Broad Ripple Service Experts to get a quote and A/C unit installed within 24 hours! We can notice the difference already. You can call me Becky with the good air.

Have you been adulting lately? Or dropping fat stacks on something super un-sexy but very necessary? Holla @ me. I feel your pain.


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