A little bit of kitchen envy

Have you seen Houzz’s Kitchen of the Week? Check. It. Out.

I am never drawn to straight lines or super modern designs, but there are still plenty of features to drool over in this kitchen.

The dining table that fits under the island is so genius! I mean really – How often do you use your dining room table? We have eaten at ours approximately 8 times… in 3 years. Every other meal happens in front of the TV (Don’t judge!) or at the bar height table in the kitchen.

I don’t know what the fireplace looked like before the makeover, but moving from wood burning to gas is always the right move in my book! Especially if it’s one of those fancy gas kinds that turn on at the flip of a switch. I definitely envisioning that’s what is happening in this kitchen.

Did you hear that? There is a pantry / craft supply room behind the double doors! #SWOON

And the feeding station! My Harley Q would love that!

I am loving the look of these counters. Full-on replacing ours isn’t in the future for us in this house, but I have been researching some ways to update them, including concrete. Perhaps I could get a similar look to the sintered stone.

These storage solutions are having an affect (Or effect? I Googled it and still don’t know!) on me. I’m speechless…


I love finding inspiration when I least expect it! What inspires you? What do you think of this kitchen?

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